Chora village and the old harbour of Astypalea island in Greece


In many ways, Greece is the perfect holiday destination. From white, sandy beaches and clear waters to amazing food and historical sites, Greece has you covered. Greece elicits thoughts of sun-bleached ruins and dark blue skies, and those postcard-perfect images of white houses on a cliff overlooking an endless sea.

There's so much to see and do in Greece, that you could travel there for years without getting bored. The streets of Athens lead you from bustling markets to imposing ancient sites that whisper tales from the depths of history. Further afield, idyllic islands offer tranquil escapes, with their iconic blue-domed churches and sunset views.

No journey to Greece would be complete without indulging in its fresh, simple and utterly delicious food. And throughout the country, you'll be enchanted by the locals' warmth and hospitality as they welcome you with the open arms of Philoxenia, the Greek spirit of friendliness and generosity.