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In many ways, Greece is the perfect holiday destination. From white, sandy beaches and clear waters to amazing food and historical sites, Greece has you covered. Greece elicits thoughts of sun-bleached ruins and dark blue skies, and those postcard-perfect images of white houses on a cliff overlooking an endless sea.

There's so much to see and do in Greece, that you could travel there for years without getting bored. Here are just a couple of the highlights from any trip to Greece:

Ancient ruins

If you love history and culture, Greece is the place for you… The cradle of Western civilization, ancient sites stretch across the country. The places don’t only invoke pictures of another time, but also mark the beginnings of many activities we’re familiar with today. Walk along the track where the ancient Olympics games were first held. Sit in an ancient outdoor theatre and marvel at the amazing acoustics, and see the remnants of ancient cities and towns.

Start with:

  • Visiting to the Acropolis in Athens – the Parthenon is a beautiful building and there are wonderful views of Athens on the hilltop. Make sure to visit the Acropolis Museum – there’s some amazing art there.

  • Delphi in central Greece – situated on a slope of a mountain, Delphi is the ancient sanctuary of Apollo, where the Oracle once answered questions with the voice of the god. One of the most sacred sites in Greece, Delphi is like entering another world… the beautiful views are just a bonus


Greek cooking is often based on its simplicity – fresh, local ingredients and good quality olive oil are the key to many recipes. Different regions have their own styles and flavours, but fresh greens (sometimes picked from the mountain-side), sharply flavoured herbs and crumbly feta cheese are ubiquitous. Honeyed soft cheeses are delicious along with fish and seafood straight from the sea and delicate pastries.

Start with:

  • Gyros – widely available on street corners. Pieces of pork are stuffed into flatbread with tomatoes, onion and chips, then smothered with tzatziki… everyone’s favourite street food in Greece.

  • Spanikopita – spinach and feta pies made with filo pastry. These make a great snake during a busy day of sightseeing

  • Yemista – tomatoes or peppers stuffed with rice and herbs. Some versions also include meat. Either way, it’ll be delicious.

  • Tzatziki – a thick yoghurt, cucumber spread, often served with flatbread. You may have had tzatziki before, but not like they make it in Greece.

The Greek Islands

While you should definitely spend as much time as you can on mainland Greece, the Greek islands are everything you want them to be. With over 200 islands to choose from (there are around 6,000 islands in Greece, but most are uninhabited), there’s something for everyone. If you want a young party island, go to Ios. For beautiful views and a hint of romance, try Santorini. For traditional Greek hospitality and interesting ruins, make your way to Crete.

Start with:

  • Santorini – it’s famous for a reason

  • Corfu – in the Ionian group, it’s easy to get to and has beautiful beaches

  • Naxos – beaches, culture and good food… what more could you ask for?

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