A rainbow over the old town of Ghent, Belgium


A country of different cultures and languages, Belgium encompasses the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders, French-speaking Wallonia and the German-speaking community to the east. Along with enchanting medieval towns and distinctive Renaissance architecture, Belgium is also known for being the home of NATO's headquarters and the European Parliament.

Outside of cities, Belgium has many beautiful forests and lakes and the High Fens have an ethereal quality all of their own. There are also many festivals celebrated around the country, usually colourful and based on local myths. Belgium is also renowned for food, particularly its chocolate, waffles, frites and beer, although there are also several other local dishes well worth trying.

Panorama of The Grand Place in Brussels in a beautiful summer day, Belgium
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10 things to know before visiting Brussels

Brussels is an underrated city, often labelled as boring and overlooked by travellers. And yet, Brussels is a city full of art, delicious cuisine, unique museums, fantastic summer festivals, vibrant nightlife, gorgeous architecture, and, yes, a plethora of chocolate, beer, and waffles.

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Frequently asked questions

When's the best time to visit Belgium?

Mild weather and several famous festivals, like Tomorrowland, make April through October the best time to visit Belgium. Just be aware that weather can be unpredictable, and plan accordingly. Remember, even when the skies are clear, rain can happen at anytime.

Is Belgium a cheap country to visit?

Belgium is definitely not a cheap place to visit - in fact, it managed to squeeze into a list of the 20 most expensive countries in the world in 2020. Accommodation may be more expensive than you expect so budget accordingly. Food and drink are also more expensive than countries in southern and central Europe.

What foods are Belgium known for?

Belgium is synonymous with chocolate, waffles and beer, and you should definitely try them all when you visit! Belgium is also the home of French fries and Belgian frites are widely available. Twice-fried, they are usually served with a range of condiments. There is also a large range of global cuisines available, especially in the capital city, Brussels.