Icebergs and glaciers in Iceland


Situated in the north Atlantic, between Europe and North America, Iceland is a mountainous, volcanic land. Considered part of Europe, Iceland is known for its natural beauty including glaciers, snowy mountains, clear lakes and the Northern Lights.

Iceland is a land of midnight suns, fresh seafood and quaint fishing villages, all set in dramatic, secluded landscapes. It's the perfect place to visit if you enjoy the outdoors with three national parks, all with stunningly beautiful scenery, hiking trails and the opportunity to spot local wildlife. Along with arctic foxes and reindeer, you can also see puffins, seals and a several species of whales in Iceland.

The Northern Lights visible over the Old Garður Lighthouse in Reykjanes, Iceland

Iceland road trip: a 10-day itinerary

Iceland is a top tourist destination with stunning scenery, picture-perfect towns and spectacular drives. We’ve picked some of the best things to see and do during this 10-day road trip in Iceland.

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Frequently asked questions

When's the best time to visit Iceland?

Unless you want to see the Northern Lights, summer (June - September) is the best time to visit Iceland. The national parks and hiking trails are open, it's the best time for whale watching and the weather is good. During summer, the sun is up almost throughout the day and there are few hours of darkness in June.

Saying that, winter comes with beautiful, snowy landscapes, lower prices and a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Where's the best place to see the Northern Lights in Iceland?

Myvatn is one of the most popular places to base yourself for the greatest likelihood of success seeing the Northern Lights. It’s far enough north that the nights are longer and darker, with little light pollution to ruin the view.

Is it always cold in Iceland?

Weather in Iceland may be warmer than you think. Temperatures in Reykjavik average around 1-2 degrees Celsius (33-35 F ) during the winter and around 12 degrees (54 F) in summer.