About us

Faraway Worlds is for travellers who love learning a bit more about the destinations they visit. We share insider travel tips, little-known stories and local recipes from around the world.

We especially love stories – stories about personal experiences, ancient myths, history and fairytales. Through our stories, we try to capture a small piece of the places we’ve been, the places we love and the places that shaped us. Of course, travel also has its practical side, so we write travel guides and tips for people who want a starting point for planning their trips.

We tend to travel slowly, and we do our best to travel responsibly as well. For us, that means taking the time to get to know a region or city, being aware of the effect tourism has on different societies and trying to make deliberate choices about what we do and where we stay. Of course, in practice, that looks different depending where you go, and we don’t always get it right.

Ultimately, we believe that travel is more than visiting a new place – it’s about getting a greater understand of the histories, cultures and peoples of different regions and gaining a small bit of insight into their worlds.

The team

Roxanne de Bruyn - Founder and Editor

Matthew Taylor - Web development

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How we make money

Faraway Worlds is reader-supported. If you buy something through some of the links on our articles, we may earn a small commission. This allows us to keep advertising to a minimum while paying our writers for their work.

If our articles are helpful for planning your trip, you can support us by booking tours or accommodation through our on-page links - and we’ll send a stream of feel-good vibes your way. If you’d rather sidestep any affiliate links, head straight to the brand’s website or your favourite search engine instead. No hard feelings, honest.

Interested in writing for us?

Faraway Worlds accepts contributions for content related to food, travel and culture. We are open to pitches from all countries around the world and particularly appreciate ideas from local residents. Read our contribution guidelines to find out more.