Faraway Worlds

About us

Faraway lands don’t just belong in fairy tales.

Here, we tell stories about the places we’ve been, the places we love and the places that have shaped us. We share a small part of the experiences we’ve had while travelling, and the meaning we’ve made from our journeys.

The world is vast, beautiful and sometimes tragic. Eventually, we want to tell stories that go beyond travel – exploring the histories, cultures and people of different regions and getting a small bit of insight into their worlds.

About Roxanne

Faraway Worlds is founded by Roxanne de Bruyn, a writer with a background in strategic communications and community engagement. Roxanne travels as often as she can, with her husband and young son (if you have kids, our family travel tips will be up her soon). She has studied ancient history, religious studies and international development, and has a particular interest in sustainable tourism.

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