Looking down from Neuschwanstein Castle at the view of mountains and lakes


Germany is a country in the heart of Europe, which is rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. This is your chance to wander through narrow streets, explore fairytale castles, go for a hike in the Alps or take a boat trip down the Danube - one of Europe's most scenic waterways.

Any trip to Germany brings the opportunity to learn more about World War II and visit some of the associated historical sites. During your visit, learn about Berlin’s tumultuous 20th century by visiting the memorial sites and museums that document the city’s complicated past.

An aerial view of the Berlin skyline

Three days in Berlin: an itinerary for first-time visitors

The capital of Germany is modern and free-spirited, yet still bound by its past. Berlin gives you a warm embrace of community at the same time as it lets you be who you are without judgment. Here's how to spend three days in this remarkable city.

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