Detail of the Library of Celsius in Ephesus


With a history that spans thousands of years, Turkey has been home to many different dynasties and civilizations. Once the center of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has a rich culture with roots in the Greek, Roman, Persian, and Byzantine empires. Its many ancient buildings, museums and historical sites reflect this fascinating heritage.

Turkey also offers diverse and remarkable natural landscapes, including sandy white beaches, rugged cliffs and mountains and beautiful, white terraces. Some of the other highlights of Turkey are the delicious food, bustling cities and friendly, welcoming people.

Mount Nemrut at sunrise
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Sunrises and statues at Mount Nemrut in Turkey

On the summit of Mount Nemrut lie huge, ancient ruins, illuminated every morning by the rising sun. Visiting Mount Nemrut is a remarkable experience. Here's all you need to know to go there yourself.

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