A colourful, narrow street in Valparaiso, Chile


Chile is a beautiful and diverse country, with a long coastline framed by desert, mountains and forest. The capital city, Santiago de Chile, is situated at the foot of the Andes Mountain range, their snowy peaks visible in the distance.

Nearer the coast, is the colourful town of Valparaiso with the dramatic Atacama desert to the north of the country. To the south, is the land of forest, fjords and volcanoes - a perfect place for hiking and marvelling at breathtaking scenery.

Water with mountains in the background
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Silver lakes and snowy mountains: a day trip to Cajón del Maipo and El Yeso Dam

The Andes mountains surrounded the Chilean capital, Santiago, reminding me of the stunning views as we flew over the mountain range from Argentina. I decided I had to see more of these mountains.

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