The Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina


Stretching to the tip of South America, Argentina is a country of diverse landscapes. It has a long coast line, the Andes mountain range, and lush green valleys. Due to the geography of the country, the climate ranges from subtropical in the north to cold and snowy in Patagonia.

Argentina’s natural beauty can be seen in many places but one of the most popular destinations is Iguazu Falls, which is home to 275 waterfalls. Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, is a vibrant city with a culture all of its own. With wide boulevards and 19th Century architecture, Buenos Aires brings the European capitals to mind and is renowned for its food, art and, of course, tango.

A streetscape of Buenos Aires with the Argentinian obelisk in the background
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Where to stay in Buenos Aires

The home of tango and faded old world grandeur, Buenos Aires has many interesting, vibrant neighbourhoods. Here’s just a few of the most popular places you may to choose to stay when you visit the city.

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