Chora village and the old harbour of Astypalea island in Greece

Exploring the Dodecanese Islands in Greece

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Situated in the south-eastern Aegean Sea, the Dodecanese island group is actually closer to Turkey than mainland Greece. These Greek islands were occupied by the Venetians for a long time and have strong medieval architecture and monuments, in addition to the ancient Greek sites.

Two of the larger islands in the group, Rhodes and Kos, are the most popular with visitors while tourism is developing in Karpathos and Patmos. The smaller islands are quieter and great places for relaxing and escaping everyday life.


Beautiful view over Lindos Bay in Rhodes, Greece

The largest of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes has a fascinating mix of landscapes, cultures and attractions. It's also one of the islands you're likely to visit on your Dodecanese journey. With good ferry connections from some of the other major Greek islands (Santorini and Crete), an airport and a direct ferry to the mainland of Turkey, Rhodes is a great place to start your Dodecanese island adventure.

Of course, there's also a huge amount to do and see on Rhodes, starting with beautiful beaches, ancient ruins and medieval old towns. Rhodes Old Town is near the port and a UNESCO World heritage site. While it can get very busy during summer, it's lovely to explore in the quieter months, with a walled medieval town, twisting streets and charming restaurants.

Other highlights on Rhodes are the beautiful village of Lindos - its acropolis is home to some of the best ancient Greek ruins in the country. Lindos also has stunning views and the village itself is charming with white buildings nestled into the hills.

Other highlights in Rhodes include visiting the Rodini Park, the oldest park in the world, the Valley of butterflies and the monastery of Filerimos. There are many beautiful beaches, including Ladiko, Tsambika, Kallithea, and Agathi. If you have the time, head to the small, isolated bays on the southern side of the island, visiting the peaceful village of Lachania on the way.


Colourful Greek vases in Kos, Greece

With a history spanning 5,000 years, Kos bears the marks of many cultures, including the Romans, the Venetians and the Ottomans. As a result, there are a range of fascinating attractions on roads. Perhaps most important is the ancient centre of Asklepieion, which followed the medical tradition of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Other noteworthy landmarks in Kos are the Neratzia Castle, the ancient Greek Agora, and Antimachia Castle.

Kos is also known for its cycling as bicycles are a popular mode of transport on the island. There's also a 13km path stretching from Faros Beach to Psalidi Beach which makes a wonderful jogging, walking or cycling route. Inland, there are a number of beautiful hiking tracks and mountain biking trails, many with beautiful views.

Of course, as with the other Greek Islands, there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to beaches on Kos. Whether you want a sandy, isolated bay, or a beach near a town, there's one to meet your criteria. Kos also has good ferry connections to some of the smaller islands as well as to Bodrum in Turkey.


The Monastery of St. Sava above Kalymnos town in Dodecanese, Greece

The rocky island of Kalymnos is situated north of Kos, near the Turkish mainland. Kalymnos is a popular beach holiday destination, with many seaside towns on the western side of the island.

Aside from it's stunning beaches, Kalymnos is also a renowned climbing destination and the venue for the annual International Climbing Festival which attracts visitors from around the world.

From Kalymnos, you can visit the tiny island of Telendos, where you'll find secluded beaches, clear lagoons and tiny hamlets. It's a wonderful place to relax and escape everyday life. With direct ferries from Kos, you can also easily access the nearby islands of Leros and Patmos from Kalymnos.


Chora village and the old harbour of Astypalea island in Greece

Being in a relatively isolated location and with a population of under 2,000, Astypalea is still an off-the-beaten track destination in the Greek islands. While not part of the Cyclades group, walking through Astypalea will definitely make you think of Santorini or Mykonos. With whitewashed houses, tiny churches and narrow laneways, Astypalea embodies many people's idea of the Greek islands.

The main town of Chora is especially lovely and well set up for travellers with good hotels, shops and restaurants. Set on the hill, many houses have gorgeous views over the sea and, perched on a hill above the village, sits the Venetian-era Querini Castle, one of the main attractions on the island.

Once again, there are many beaches to choose from around the island - and the larger beaches nearer to Chora will have sun umbrellas, tavernas and hotels. Further away from the main village, you'll find gorgeous, secluded spots, which are well worth exploring. You can also do day trips to the tiny islands of Koutsomitis and Tigani and swim in their crystal, clear waters.


The clear waters of the Mediterranean in Karpathos, Greece

If you need a tranquil place to recharge, surrounded by natural beauty, Karpathos is the perfect place to spend a few days. Even among the other Greek islands, the beaches on Karpathos are particularly beautiful - Kyra Panagia and Apella are the favourites and well worth a visit, while the southern coast has a number of good options for water sports.

For a touch of culture, explore some of the tiny villages which are dotted across the island. Many of them are set into the hillside, with the charming town of Olympos is tucked into the mountains. See the windmills and churches, and you may even spot some women in traditional clothes.

From Karpathos, it's a quick trip to Saria Island, a remote and uninhabited volcanic islet with yet more stunning beaches, turquoise water and great hiking options (with spectacular views, of course).

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Last Updated August 18, 2021

Chora village and the old harbour of Astypalea island in Greece


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