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7 reasons why Prague is worth visiting


If you're travelling to the Czech Republic, your main attraction will very likely be the famous Prague! Here's a few key things you should know before you visit the country's capital - from a local's perspective.

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1. There's a lot to see and do in Prague

It’s probably no surprise that there are lots of things to do in the capital, but in our opinion, Prague just has so many things to offer. From tons of delicious cafes and restaurants to parks in every part of the city to virtual reality, selfie museums, and historical attractions, it is literally impossible to ever get bored here.

On top of that, there are always events going on such as funky markets, the light festival in October, circus events, sporting events, and the list goes on and on. A few days in this city simply just isn’t enough!

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2. Prague is the capital of beer

Okay, we haven’t actually checked if this is true but we think it is! Did you know that the pilsner beer was actually invented in the Czech Republic? No matter what restaurant you go to, you will see a great variety of Czech beers. Even at McDonald’s, you can buy a beer!

Czech people are very proud of their beer and they love to sit down with some friends and have a pint or two after work or heck sometimes even before!

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3. Prices in Prague are even cheaper outside the tourist areas

It might be like this in a lot of capital cities around the world, but we find it so interesting how much the price of similar products differs depending on where in the city you are.

Since we just spoke about beer, let’s use that as an example. A beer in Prague 1, which is the Old Town Square and the most central part of the city, will cost you almost double what it costs once you leave the touristy areas. Even in Prague 2 which is still a popular area, you can find beer for half the price than in the center. And if you go further away from town, it’ll get even cheaper. The same goes for food, coffee, and wine.

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4. Public transport in Prague is cheap, and reliable

This is probably one of our favorite things about Prague. The public transport here is so cheap and it’s so easy to get around both within the city and around the country. Prague has both busses, metros, and trams that run all the time, and they’re super well connected. Ticket prices start at just over $1 USD.

Prague street food - Trdelnik

5. Prague is an underrated food capital

It’s pretty common knowledge that Berlin, Budapest, and all of Italy has incredible food, but did you know that Prague has a TON of delicious cafes and restaurants? From classic Czech food to Insta-friendly food, you can find everything. And if you and your friends can’t figure out where to eat, you can always check out Manifesto Market or The Backyard Kotva where each person can get exactly what they want food-court style!

Coffice co-working space in Prague

6. Prague has a great expat community

One thing that really surprised us about Prague when we moved here was the fact that there are so many expats! A quick Google search told us that in 2015 there were 166,000 foreigners living in Prague alone. If that doesn’t bring a great expat community to the city we don’t know what does - and it makes it easier for visitors to meet people who speak their languages.

From the Down Under Bar to trivia nights at The Globe to the Coffice coworking space, there are so many places to meet other expats! Living in Prague is definitely one of the best things we’ve ever done.

Historic center of Kutna Hora with Church of St James, Czech Republic, Europe.

7. There are some great day trips from Prague

No matter how much we love this city, it’s always nice getting out of the city centre to enjoy nature and see some different things. There are tons of castles, hikes, viewpoints, and cute towns less than or just over an hour away. If you’re up for a day trip we recommend you check out Karlstejn Castle, Velka America, Kutna Hora, and Vyhlidka Maj just to name a few!

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