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Bathing in beer: a guide to beer spas in Prague

Want to visit a beer spa during your trip to Prague? Book a beer bath with unlimited beer.

Imagine soaking yourself (head to toe) in a bath of Czech beer extract while drinking unlimited pints from a beer tap... welcome to Prague's beer spas.

It's no secret that Prague, also known as the world's beer capital, is a paradise for beer lovers, but a beer spa takes it to the next level. Beer baths are not just a fun and unique experience but also have positive body and skincare benefits.

And they aren't just a recent trend. Beer bathing has been part of Czech tradition since Middle Ages. Here's what you need to know if you plan on adding a beer spa to your Prague itinerary.

What to expect at a beer spa

Most beer spas look similar to regular spas, with a reception area and private cave-like rooms for beer baths and spa treatments.

When you enter the private suite at a typical Prague beer spa, you'll see a hot tub filled with beer water and two taps behind it. The bath is filled with warm water mixed with typical beer ingredients such as crushed hops, malt, powdered brewer's yeast and other beer extracts and herbs.

And the best part is that each beer bath comes with an unlimited beer, usually one light and one dark. 

After your beer bath, you can relax on a heated bed of hay or wheat straw. 

A standard beer spa session takes one hour. It's best to arrive at least 5-15 mins before your beer spa to get changed. Towels, dressing gowns and slippers are provided at no extra cost.

You can bring your own swimsuit if it makes you feel more comfortable, although most spas are private experiences, so being nude is not an issue. Swimsuits with darker colors are ideal because white can get stained by traces of hops. 

Some spas provide package deals with other massage treatments, saunas with hop essences or beer bread. You can also purchase beer-based cosmetics.

Lázně Pramen beer spa in Prague

Is it worth having a beer spa in Prague?

Beer spas in Prague are totally worth going to, even just for good laughs and unique memories. 

Yes, the spa is a bit pricier than a simple beer tasting, but hey, you'll get to soak in a tub full of beer in the beer capital of the world. Besides, what's not to love about sipping a cold beer in a relaxing hot tub?

I think it's especially enjoyable to try it out if you're travelling as a couple or a group of friends

Plus, the beer bath seems to have many positive benefits for your body and skin.

So if you're not tight on budget, treat yourself! Good time, good mood and good fun guaranteed.

How much does a beer spa cost in Prague?

Although the beer in Prague is relatively cheap, the beer spa is a more high-end experience, and the cost reflects that. The pricing varies depending on the beer spa company and the package.

The prices range from roughly $90 per person or $120 for two people (1 tub) for a basic 1-hour package to about $200 for two people (1 tub) with a sauna.

Private spa room in Prague

Top-rated beer spas in Prague

Spa BeerLand

One of my favourite beer spas is Spa BeerLand Chateaux in Prague Old Town, only steps away from Prague Castle. With their cozy ambience, they take the beer spa experience to another level.

Their private spa rooms are inside historic chateaux. With a starry ceiling and stylish copper beer tanks, you'll feel like you stepped inside an alchemist workshop. The bath includes unlimited light and dark beer Krušovice on tap. 

After your bath, you can rest on a heated bed of wheat straw while savouring fresh homemade beer bread.

You can check the pricing list here. I recommend booking the Alchemyst private room.

Besides Prague, Spa BeerLand has multiple locations across the Czech Republic, including beer spas in picturesque thermal spa towns Karlovy Vary and Františkovy Lázně and one in Pilsen, the mekka of Czech beer.

Original Beer Spa Prague

Spa BeerLand also has a sister company, Original Beer Spa, which offers one of the most luxurious beer spas in the city. Their thousand-litre handmade whirlpool royal oak tubs are filled with natural ingredients for brewing Krušovice beer and hop essential oils.

In addition to unlimited consumption of Czech light and dark beer Krušovice, you can enjoy fresh homemade beer bread while chilling on a warm wheat straw bed. If you choose an upgraded package, you can also indulge in their cedar sauna infused with hops aromas. 

The spa rooms have authentic decor using stone, wood and colourful stained-glass windows made by Czech craftsmen, so you can feel the spirit of old Prague. And, of course, you'll have your beer spa experience exclusively to yourself. 

Beers on tap: Krušovice light and dark beer.

Lázně Pramen beer spa in Prague

Prague Beer Spa Lázně Pramen

Lázně Pramen has two locations. The latest addition, the beer spa Letná is the biggest in the Czech Republic. 

You can choose from a beer bath in a hot tub made from oak or larch that contains herbal extracts of hops, malt, dark beer and purest water. The experience is accompanied by unlimited original Czech beer Kynšperský Zajíc on tap.

The basement chambers fitted with stone and wood add to the cozy atmosphere.

As a bonus, you can try cherry beer Kasteel Rouge while visiting Lázně Pramen or take one with you.

Interestingly, Lázně Pramen Beer Spa also offers a wine bath. The wine spa is a French invention that is starting to gain popularity also in Prague.

The wine bath is water infused with red or white wine, herbs, extracts from wine leaves, wine yeast, honey, lavender and grapes in a larch tub. Instead of a beer, you'll get to drink a bottle of white or red wine of your choice.

All beer and wine baths are private experiences.

Beers on tap:  Kynšperský Zajíc light

Bernard Beer Spa Prague

The Bernard Beer Spa serves top-quality beer from a family-owned brewery operating since 1991. They have multiple beer spa locations across Prague, including one in Majestic Plaza Hotel.

The spa involves the classic bathing in beer tubs that can accommodate two people and unlimited craft Bernard beer on tap. Bernard Brewery developed and tested its signature beer blend. It's rich in vitamin B and contains the highest quality Czech hops from Žatec. 

After your private spa treatment, you can rest in a relaxation room. You can also book a relaxing beer-themed massage at an additional cost.

To top it off, you'll get an original bottle of Beer Bernard with the historical seal and certificate, which makes for a lovely souvenir.

Beers on tap: Bernard 10° light, dark, amber

Grand Relax Czech Beer Spa

Grand Relax is a wellness centre specializing in various spa treatments. One of their main offerings is private beer baths. They can also accommodate large groups.

Their beer bath comes with natural ingredients, which are used in beer Lobkowicz Premium production. You can drink as much beer as you wish. On top of that, you can sample Czech gourmet sausage with your beer. 

There is an option to upgrade your package to include Beer Bio Sauna and massage at extra cost.

Beers on tap: Lobkowicz Premium

People in a beer spa in Prague

Does a beer spa have any health benefits?

Traditionally, beer baths have been used to relieve stress and as a form of cleansing for the body and skin.

They provide health benefits such as:

  • improved blood circulation

  • hydration

  • detoxification

  • muscle relaxation

  • skin rejuvenation

  • pores cleanse

  • reduced joint pain

  • reduced muscle tension

  • anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects

If you think that sounds too good to be true, some scientific research backs it up.

The brewer’s yeast, one of the main ingredients of beer spa, contains organic iron, vitamin B and other minerals, such as calcium, phosphor, potassium, magnesium and sodium.

It's recommended not to shower at least a couple of hours after the beer bath for maximum absorption and benefit. You don't have to worry about a funny smell as the hops have a pleasant soft aroma.

A display of beer at Prague Beer Museum

Other beer-themed experiences in Prague

Mini Breweries Prague Beer Tour with Czech Appetizers

On this tour, you'll get to visit three of Prague's best microbreweries. Your expert local guide will share information about the history of beer in Bohemia and Prague. There will also be tastings of at least nine different craft beers. You can pair them with Czech appetizers (included in the price) that perfectly complement the Czech beer flavours.

Hidden beer spots in Old Prague

Ready to dive into authentic Prague's beer culture? Then you'll love this off-the-beaten-path tour for beer lovers. On this small-group tour (max 10 people), you'll visit lesser-known pubs featuring great Czech craft beers. You'll even learn a few Czech phrases from locals so you can order your own pint.

All beer and snacks are included. As a bonus, you'll get a digital beer map of local's favourite beer spots in Prague so you can further explore on your own.

Prague's Czech Beer Museum

Czech Beer Museum is a great place to learn about the history and tradition of Czech brewing.

The museum has several themed rooms, including a 13th-century beer cellar with original bottling machines and a rich collection of beer artifacts.

This self-guided tour includes beer tasting of four types of Czech beer. You can enjoy your beer tasting either in a pub from the 19th century or a communist-style pub, all within the museum's premises.

And the best part is you can bottle and label your own beer to take with you as a souvenir.

Planning a trip to Prague? Read our three-day itinerary.

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