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Relaxing in Budapest

Last updated 22 July 2021

After spending the best part of a month in coastal towns, arriving in a big city like Budapest is a great feeling. I feel very at home in large cities, even though they can sometimes lack the natural beauty and charm of smaller places. Luckily, Budapest has its own style of beauty, and it only takes me a few minutes to feel completely comfortable there.

The biggest surprise for us is how easy we find Budapest. Many people speak English, but even when they don’t transactions seem to be completely painless. It’s like we’re all on the same wavelength and able to understand each other effortlessly. After over three months of travelling, it’s a wonderful feeling. It’s like wandering around the city at home; we don’t have to think about anything or pre-empt potentially confusing situations. It’s incredibly freeing.

Budapest is a big city, and there’s lots to see and do. In many ways, it reminds me of Vienna, kind of a shadow city to Vienna’s bright which architecture. It’s generally clean and I feel very safe here, although some back streets look a bit derelict.

We’re here in late July and it’s incredibly hot– high thirties, with some days verging on forty. As a result, we don’t have much enthusiasm for doing anything that requires much effort.

We stay in Király and we really love it there. There are bars and restaurants close by, a wine bar across the street, easy access to the metro, and we’re within walking distance of most attractions. To be fair, sightseeing isn’t high on our to-do list in Budapest (aside from the wonderful castle over the river). This trip is about the wonderful food and the delicious cocktails and lemonades.

During our time in the city, we try lots number of restaurants, and they are all good, and generally very reasonably priced. We try goulashes, stews and flatbreads, alongside less traditional foods. It’s all delicious. Paprika chicken becomes a favourite along with the lemonade – seriously, it’d be worth moving to Budapest just for the lemonade!

We have leisurely afternoon drinks, go for long walks and venture out to a few bars. We visit a ruin pub and find it disappointing so we try another which is better. I love being in a big city again and relax into the swing of it, finding some normality and routine again.

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