Lake Wakatipu view from Queenstown

New Zealand

Famous for its natural beauty, New Zealand is a wonderful destination for travellers with a bit of an adventurous streak. A safe and accessible country, you'll find a huge range of activities to keep you busy, particularly if you enjoy the outdoors.

On top of that, you'll enjoy good food, world-renowned wine and a fascinating cultural heritage. As you explore the country, you also have the opportunity to learn the Māori names and stories of the beautiful places you're seeing.

Peaks of Darran Mountains reflecting in Lake Marian, Fiordland national park, New Zealand

Beautiful places to visit in New Zealand

While there are a few cities in the country, what makes New Zealand special is its natural beauty. If you’re looking to lose yourself in secluded, sandy beaches, thermal springs, towering mountains or coloured lakes, New Zealand is the place to go.

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