Palm trees by the lagoon on One Foot Island in the Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Scattered through the South Pacific Ocean, these tropical islands are the perfect places to visit when you just need a break from the world. With clear lagoons, perfect beaches and an abundance of palm trees, visiting the Cook Islands is like stepping into a postcard or tourism brochure.

Rarotonga in the Cook Islands is a favourite with New Zealanders and is the starting point for everyone visiting the beautiful country. Aitutaki, Rarotonga's smaller neighbour, is a picture-perfect honeymoon destination.

The other islands are less developed and don't have the same infrastructure as Raro and Aitutaki - and definitely no luxury resorts! Instead, spend your days surrounded by stunning scenery, enjoy the fresh fruit and fish and go snorkelling or diving to marvel at the colours of the tropical fish.

Aitutaki view from the water
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A Cook Island honeymoon

We arrived in Rarotonga at midnight, to warm humidity and the heady scents of hibiscus and frangipanis welcoming us to the Cook Islands.

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