The Castelo de Palmela castle, a pousada in Portugal
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Accommodation in Portugal

Portugal has a wide range of diverse accommodations, including conventional choices like comfortable hotels, budget-friendly hostels, and the ubiquitous Airbnb. And for those on longer road trips, Portugal's stunning landscapes are best enjoyed from a campervan or motorhome.

However, Portugal takes it a notch higher with some truly unusual accommodation offerings. If wine's your thing, head to one of the country's renowned wine regions, with the option to indulge in opulent vineyard hotel stays.

Or, for a touch of history, stay in a Pousadas – a collection of over 40 luxury lodgings artistically set within rejuvenated heritage structures. From former convents echoing with centuries-old chants to castles that once guarded the land, these Pousadas offer an experience steeped in history and luxury.

So, whatever your style, Portugal's got you covered. Here’s what you need to know about finding the right accommodation for you in Portugal.

Pousadas in Portugal

If you are looking for unique accommodation in Portugal, make sure you stay in a Pousada. These are luxury accommodations that are located in restored historical buildings - this could be a fortress, castle, or an old convent. It is a fabulous way to step into the historic past of Portugal while dwelling in modern luxury. 

There are 43 Pousadas in total across Portugal’s mainland and islands. You can book your stay at any of the country’s Pousadas on the official site.

Vineyard stays in Portugal

Portugal is known for its wine and among the most unique properties you can stay in Portugal are vineyards. The most popular area to stay in vineyards is undoubtedly the Douro Valley near Porto and northern Portugal. The Douro Valley in particular has gained a lot of interest among travelers in the last few years, however, there are some good options south of Lisbon too.

You can book your stay at a vineyard with Fam Stay Planet, but also regular hotel booking sites like have some vineyards available.

Travelling by campervan in Portugal

Travelling by campervan in Portugal is one of the most popular ways of getting around, thus also the most sought-after accommodation. Unfortunately, wild camping in Portugal is illegal. That said, people do park up overnight, but you should not stay at the site other than for sleeping. This means no taking out chairs and tables, etc. 

If you aren’t sure where to stay, just see where other campervans and RVs are parked. There are also apps like Park4Night where free places to park for the night are rated by other van travelers. But even so, the police might ask you to move. If there are signs about no camping, you must respect them. 

There are plenty of campsites you can book via Pitchup and other booking platforms. Besides a site, you will get showers and toilets at your disposal, and some places also offer luxuries like restaurants, bars, and pools.

Sustainable accommodation options in Portugal

Portugal has an array of sustainable accommodation options to choose from. Several farm stays are available across the country and on the islands. You can book your farm stay with Farm Stay Planet or you can look for free accommodation in exchange for work on the farm via Workaway

There are also several yoga and surf resorts that are eco-friendly and vegan-friendly. These are excellent places to meet sustainably-aware people, whether it is locals running the place, living in the community, or other travellers.

Alternatively, you can book your stay via Ecobnb, which offers eco accommodation throughout the country. These arrangements focus on sustainable activities like recycled structures, renewable energy like solar power, and promoting sustainable activities like kayaking, hiking, yoga, and cycling.

They also often serve homegrown ecological vegetarian and vegan food, which is a great plus. Often, you have the option to rent a tent, cabin, or room, making some of these housings very unique.

Accommodation costs in Portugal

The costs of accommodations vary a lot from place to place in Portugal. While a luxury hotel can cost way above 1000 Euros a night, there are budget options for as little as 30 Euros (and some hostels offer even cheaper nights in a shared dorm.)

Airbnb prices vary the most as it completely depends on the type and size of the accommodation and the location. In the cities, the prices are much more expensive than in rural areas.

Here are the average prices per night you can expect to pay for different types of accommodation in Portugal.

  • Hostel: around 20-50 Euros

  • Guest House: around 100 Euros

  • Hotel: around 100-300 Euros

  • Pousada: ranges from 100-1500 Euros

  • Airbnb: ranges from 100-1000 Euros

Accessible accommodation in Portugal

Travelling with disabilities in Portugal is generally easier in the cities than in rural areas. Portugal has a lot of accessible hotels, but note that wheelchair access in the old town areas of cities like Porto and Lisbon can be complicated due to uneven cobblestones and steep hills.

You can find wheelchair-accessible hotels on sites like Disabled Holidays, Disabled Access Holidays, and Enable Holidays.

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Last Updated 7 August 2023

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