An aerial view of Ibeshe beach, Nigeria


The most populous country in Africa, Nigeria doesn't often make it onto the radars of many international travellers. This is somewhat of a pity as outside of its cities and remarkable history, Nigeria has a wealth of natural beauty including savannah, rainforests and waterfalls. Nigeria's wildlife and biodiversity is extraordinary and many rare animals can be seen in their natural habitats.

The Niger River Delta and the cities of Calabar, Abuja and Lagos should be on your itinerary. There are also a number of fascinating events such as the Egungun Festival in Ogun State and the Yoruba culture festival in Lagos. Please note that the northern part of Nigeria is unfortunately on the "do not travel" lists for many countries, due to a risk of kidnapping and terrorism and is best avoided.

Things Fall Apart book cover
book review

Book review: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Things Fall Apart is a simple story. It tells of a family in an Igbo village in Niger. Just a small warning before you read further - there is the occasional spoiler in this review.

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