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Five reasons to visit the Sunshine Coast

Peta Wenzel

Contributing writer

If you plan on travelling in Queensland, you must visit the Sunshine Coast which is just an hour's drive north of Brisbane City. Here you will find a relaxed beach town with a stunning coastline of beautiful beaches, as well as the scenic Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

As locals of the area, we want to share a few things you should know before you visit the Sunshine Coast. Keep these five things in mind, and your visit will be so great you’ll be planning your next trip before you even leave.

Aerial photo of Coolum Beach Australia.

1. The Sunshine Coast has fantastic weather all year round

The name may be your first hint that the weather on the Sunshine Coast is a huge drawcard for visitors. Summers are warm with an average temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius, but you can always find cool ocean breezes. During winter, the skies are clear and blue and the temperature only drops to 20 degrees Celsius. Overall, it is great place to visit at any time of the year.

Beautiful beach in Australia on the Sunshine Coast.

2. Sunshine Coast beaches are amazing

The Sunshine Coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. So, if you are a beach lover and enjoy white sand beaches with crystal clear water, then you will love it here. There are also other water sports that can be enjoyed year round including surfing, diving, fishing and boating.

The area is a popular tourist spot for both local and international tourists alike, so the peak season can be very busy. Overall though, it is a great place for people you are looking for a relaxed and laid back holiday. Mooloolaba, Noosa Heads Main Beach, Coolum, and Kings Beach are some of the best beaches on the coast.

Young woman shopping at Montville, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

3. People are friendly

The Sunshine Coast offers a very relaxed laid back lifestyle, and the people here have more time for each other. The locals are always up for a chat and more than happy to help someone. While the Sunshine Coast can is a popular place for travellers, this isn't a place where you need to worry about scams - people are friendly and genuine and visitors are usually welcomed.

Buderim Waterfall, Sunshine Coast. Queensland

4. There are many family-friendly things to do on the Sunshine Coast

There are lots of things to see and do on the Sunshine Coast to suit every member of the family. You can take a cooking class to learn how to cook authentic Thai food at The Spirit House, or visit one of the many outstanding beaches listed above. Hike to a summit, or bathe in a refreshing waterfall in the hinterland. Enjoy fresh local seafood or sample your way around a local farmer’s market. The choices really are endless!

A plate of local seafood

5. Many Sunshine Coast restaurants serve fresh, local food

The Sunshine Coast is a treasure trove of delicious delights and culinary capers. Being a tourist hotspot, there are lots of first-class restaurants that serve all types of locally sourced produce. In recent years, the coast has become well-known for its wineries, micro-breweries and distilleries and there are many venues offering samples of their beer, gin, vodka or wine. However, no visit to the Sunshine Coast is complete without trying fresh Mooloolaba prawns straight from the trawler at The Spit.

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Last Updated 13 February 2024

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