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A local's guide to visiting Williamsburg, VA

If you haven't been to Williamsburg, VA yet, you should add it to your travel list - the city has a lot to offer. It has wonderful shops and restaurants and the history and culture that comes with visiting such an old city. The people here are very friendly and always willing to help out if needed. In fact, it doesn't feel like a big city at all!

Here's a some information from Williamsburg from a local's perspective to help you to get the most from your trip.

Historic Governor's palace in Colonial Williamsburg, Va.

Things to do in Williamsburg

Whether you are visiting for a day or two or staying the night make sure to visit the best places in this wonderful city!

For unique shops and boutiques head over to Merchant Square. There is everything from vintage clothing stores to beauty salons; there's something here for everyone!

For outdoor adventures check out Busch Gardens, which was voted the most beautiful amusement park by USA TODAY. There are plenty of roller coasters, shows, and animals to keep you busy for the day!

Your trip won't be complete without atour of Colonial Williamsburg, home to original buildings from the 1770s. Being able to walk through history is truly a fascinating experience!

Trellis Restaurant in Williamsburg, Virginia

What to eat in Williamsburg:

For those of you who like to eat, there's no shortage of amazing restaurants here; they range from fine dining to casual pubs!

For a fine dining experience try The Trellis, which is located inside the Williamsburg Lodge. It's got great food and an elegant atmosphere.

If you'd rather stay casual, head to Berret's Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse Grill for some delicious local seafood!

Where to drink

If you enjoy beer and wine, there are plenty of breweries and wineries in the area that offer tours.

Alewerks Brewery has fantastic brews, live music, trivia nights, and a rotating schedule of gourmet food trucks.

If wine is more your thing then head over to Saude Creek Vineyard, which has a large selection of wines. You can even enjoy your glass on the deck overlooking the vineyards!

Williamsburg Inn in Williamsburg, VA

Where to stay in Williamsburg:

There's a wide variety of places to stay depending on your budget and what you plan for doing while in town.

If money isn't an issue then check out The Williamsburg Lodge, which is steps away from the historic district. It's an upscale resort with spa services, a pool, and a fitness center.

If you are traveling on a budget then consider staying at one of the many college home-stays in town; these places charge much less than hotels but still offer comfortable accommodations!

What to avoid during your visit to Williamsburg:

If you want to avoid the crowds then travel during the week. Also, try not visiting during peak times like summer or Thanksgiving weekend; this is when tourism peaks and prices go up!

Williamsburg is a very large place with a ton of things to do and try during your visit. Not all places are worth your time. Avoid the tacky souvenir shops that are along Duke of Gloucester Street; these places sell cheap, low-quality goods.

Instead, check out some local antique stores for unique gifts! This area is known for finding great treasure in its many antique and vintage shops.

A river in Williamsburg, Virginia on a cloudy day

Other Williamsburg travel tips

The weather is prone to change quickly, so make sure to bring a jacket no matter what time of year you visit! Always be prepared for rain. Don't forget your umbrella when you pack.

Having cash on hand is always useful as some places do not accept cards.

Williamsburg is also home to two universities which means it can get very traffic-heavy during the weekends. If you are looking to avoid people make sure to travel during weekdays!

Final thoughts

Williamsburg is a great place to visit with tons to do and see. It's full of history, culture, and beauty! This city is a must-stop on any itinerary and should not be missed. With these local tips and tricks, your visit will be a success!

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Last Updated 22 November 2021

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