A colourful hallway at the Color Factory

The Color Factory manages to stand out among the many museums in New York City. The experiential art museum is dedicated to the celebration of colour.

Each room in the museum offers a unique experience, designed in collaboration with artists, art institutions, and non-profits. The installations are not only visually stunning but also engaging, inviting visitors to interact with the art in a playful and meaningful way.

Is the Color Factory worth visiting?

The Color Factory is famous for its hands-on colour displays, tasty treats and fun photo ops, however it's not for everyone.

If you’re travelling to NYC with kids, love colour and interactive experiences, or just want great shots for Instagram, it’s well worth visiting. It’s also a fantastic option for a rainy day or when you want to escape from the busyness of the city.

The ball pit in the Color Factory in New York

Rooms and experiences at the Color Factory

There are several rooms at the Color Factory, many of which will change colours to reflect the seasons. There are also spaces which incorporate other senses - taste, sound, smell - with colours around. Here are a few of the most popular rooms.

Ball Pit

The centrepiece of many visitors' experiences, this isn't just any ball pit. Filled with thousands of blue balls, this large pit mimics a surreal, monochromatic ocean.

It’s large enough for adults to submerge themselves in the balls (just turn up the volume on your phone just in case it slips out of your pocket) and is obviously great for children. The area is designed for laughter, relaxation, and, of course, Instagram-worthy moments.

Color Walk

This exhibit is a beautiful homage to the streets of New York City. Each colored tile on the walk represents a specific color found in a particular NYC neighborhood. It's a visual representation of the diversity and vibrancy that make up the city’s streets, parks, and buildings. It’s especially good for locals – try to guess which color goes with which neighborhood.

A lit-up floor at the Color Factory

Interactive lights

These installations use light and colour to create immersive environments. Visitors can manipulate the lights, changing colours and patterns, to see how different hues interact and affect mood and perception.

Dance Floor

Easily my son’s favourite, this area combines music and color, with a dance floor that lights up in various colors as you move. It’s a silent disco, so expect to wear headphones and you can see yourself dance in the mirrored walls. Or close your eyes, lose your inhibitions and be surprised by the photos when you leave. 

Confetti Park

 Confetti gently blows through the air. Catch colorful confetti, dance in a sprinkle of coloured paper and make confetti angels on the floor. Colors change to reflect the season, and there are some great opportunities for pics in this room.

Colourful macarons on a conveyor belt at the Color Factory

Tastings and food samples at the Color Factory

Several rooms offer edible treats that are as visually appealing as they are delicious. These can be anything from vibrant candies and custom-made colorful chocolates to fruit slices that correspond with the room's color theme.

In some rooms, visitors can experience how color influences flavor perception. For example, a room might offer different colored macarons, each with a unique flavor, encouraging guests to guess the flavor based on the color or see how their perception changes with each color. 

The Color Factory often collaborates with local confectioners and chefs to create unique treats that reflect the culinary culture of NYC, giving visitors a taste of the local flavor palette in a very literal sense.

Musical instruments at the Color Factory

Photos and videos at the Color Factory

The Color Factory is a great place for photography and videography enthusiasts, offering numerous opportunities to capture the most Instagram-worthy moments. 

Interactive photo stations

Some rooms feature interactive photo booths where visitors can take pictures that are automatically linked to a QR code that you are given when you enter the museum.

These photos can be emailed to the visitors and are a seamless and convenient way to collect memories. Just be aware that there is some branding on the photos, so you may want to take your own too. Some rooms also offer video.

Great backdrops

Rooms in the Color Factory are designed with photography in mind. The vibrant colors and unique designs of the installations provide the perfect backdrop for stunning photos and videos.

Peeking into colourful doors

Practical information

Location: The Color Museum is located in Soho and is easily accessible by subway. The closest trains are: C & E (Spring Street station) and the 1 (Houston Street, Canal Street stations).

Opening hours: The museum is typically open from 10 AM to 10 PM, but it's advisable to check their website for current hours and any special events. You can expect your visit to last about 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Tickets: Tickets can be purchased in advance through the website, and you will need to book a specific time unless you pay a bit more for a flexible ticket. Prices vary but are typically around $40, with special rates available for children, seniors, and groups.

Accessibility: The museum is wheelchair accessible and friendly to visitors of all abilities.

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