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Toronto's hidden gems

Peyton Moss

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Toronto is one of Canada's top destinations. There is amazing food, great views to see and some incredible activities to do. Here's a local's suggestion of some great attractions in the city that many tourists miss.

Scarborough Bluffs

Reflection of the Scarborough Bluffs onto the lake from a hidden path.

Tucked just outside of downtown, the Scarborough Bluffs are on a beautiful cliff that runs along Lake Ontario. In the summer, spending time at the Scarborough Bluffs can make you feel like you are in the Dominican Republic with the blue water, white cliffs and white sand.

Just east of the Scarborough Bluffs, Bluffer's Beach is a great place to jump in the water for a swim. Bluffer’s Beach is part of the Blue Flag Program so you know that the water quality is good and that it's a safe place to swim in Lake Ontario.

Tommy Thompson Park

Views from Tommy Thompson Park
A pile of stones at Tommy Thompson Park

If you love wildlife then, Tommy Thompson Park should definitely be on your Toronto itinerary. Home to a large variety of animals, Tommy Thompson Park is the perfect place to be in the summer. Pets aren't allowed in the park to protect the park's wildlife and their habitats. There are also a few different trails at Tommy Thompson Park where you can ride your bike, walk or even jog.

Toronto Islands

Looking out at Centre Island Beach and Pier in the Toronto Islands.

The Toronto Islands are just a short ferry ride away from the city, and there is a lot to do there! Here are some of my favourite things to do in Toronto Islands to get you started:

  • Visit Gibraltar Point Lighthouse: If you have ever heard of anyone talking about a lighthouse in Toronto, this is the one. See it in person and take the postcard shot of this beautiful landmark.

  • Rent a kayak or canoe: This best way to view the beautiful city of Toronto is from the water. You can rent a kayak or canoe at the Boat House Rental on Centre Island.

  • Rent a bike: Ride around the island by yourself or with your significant other.

  • Hanlan’s Point Beach: The best and only place to watch the sunset on the island.

  • Swim at Centre Island Beach: Perfect place to jump in the water after being in the sun all day on the Toronto Islands.

Looking out at the Toronto skyline from behind a park bench on the Toronto Islands.
A street in downtown Toronto
Snowy view of Toronto Park

Other useful information

Now that you have the lowdown on what to do in Toronto, here's some essential information to help you plan your trip:

Getting around Toronto

Traffic is horrible. It is very difficult to drive around in downtown Toronto. First of all, there is very limited parking and the parking is very expensive. Secondly, there are a ton of commuters coming to the downtown core.

Public transit is the best way to travel around in Toronto. You can easily pay a fee to take the subway from any part of the city to reach your destination. If the subway station isn’t close to your destination, a streetcar will get you there.

Toronto skyline on a sunny day
Looking back at Toronto from a snowy beach

The weather

Toronto has hot summers and great sunny weather. Toronto summers can reach 25 - 30 degrees making Lake Ontario a desirable place to spend some time. On the other hand, it is very cold and snowy in the winter. This leads to even more traffic and public transportation being much slower.

The food

Toronto has some of the best food in the country. You can find a restaurant that fits every cuisine in the city of Toronto. Whether you are looking for authentic pizza and pasta, or authentic Thai cuisine, Toronto has it all. Toronto is best known for its cultural diversity and this is reflected in our amazing restaurants.

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Last Updated 16 September 2021

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