Peace Gardens in the city centre of Sheffield, England.
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Parks and nightlife in Sheffield

Kerry Hanson

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Sheffield, in the North of England is a vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis that dates back to the Industrial Era. Sheffield is known for its rich heritage, which it has proudly displayed by the locals and is also known as the Steel City due to its role in steel production, particularly in the post-war era.

Along with its history, Sheffield has a lot to offer visitors - and two of the highlights are the parks and nightlife in this vibrant city.

Parks in Sheffield

Sheffield is England’s fourth biggest city, and a lot of that space is taken up by beautiful green spaces. The North and West areas of the city in particular have some of the best woodlands, forests and parks.

Panorama of Sheffield City and the surrounding suburbs and green space

Graves Park

If you enjoy the outdoors then head to Graves Park in the West of the city. This beautiful open space has forest, open fields, a free golf course, and even an animal farm. Another option for adventure lovers is Rother Valley country park in the south of the city. Walk the circular route around the vast river, or better still visit the water centre and try your hand at the water zip line.

Other parks

Endcliffe Park is another notable park, as well as Weston Park. However, there are so many parks you won't have any trouble finding miles of nature trails. Head a few miles outside of Sheffield and you will find yourself at the tip of Pennines Peak District. Castleford, Hope Valley and Chatsworth House are just a few of the fascinating places you can venture in the countryside.

Nightlife in Sheffield

You can also find many districts with their own unique things to do in Sheffield. Here are some good choices for places to go at night.

Shops on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

Ecclesall Road

Located just outside the city centre, Ecclesall Road is the most exclusive place to eat or drink in the city. There are many bars and restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines, from the quirky and unique Tram Shed to the exclusive and sophisticated Lost & Found.

West Street

If you’d prefer to stay within the realm of the centre itself, then the main area in Sheffield that offers nightlife is West Street. This area is home to many bars, restaurants, and take-outs. It's easiest to reach it by super tram, bus or taxi. Try the Bierkeller for fun table top action to a live oopah band or West Street Live for live music and very cheap drinks offers.

Division Street

Division Street runs parallel to West Street but is less well-known to people outside of the city. Students and those who enjoy alternative music are attracted to this road. Many bars and clubs on this street offer indie and rock music and on the nearby park, Devonshire Green, there is also a large open-air skate park.

Kelham Island

An area that has been up and coming in recent years and is now one of the coolest places in Sheffield is Kelham Island, one of Sheffield's oldest industrial areas. This now fashionable neighbourhood is especially popular among students. You will find many unique places to eat, drink and party well into the late hours. Kelham Island is not too far from West Street but it easiest to get to by taxi. Start off at the Riverside Bar & Café which is right on the edge and work your way in.

Sheffield has so much more to offer than green spaces and night life, but you will have to visit to see for yourself.

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Last Updated 19 August 2021

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