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Raleigh, North Carolina: know before you go

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If you plan to visit North Carolina, there’s a pretty good chance you will be flying into Raleigh-Durham. Raleigh, NC is the Capital of North Carolina and has become an increasingly popular city to visit and even to relocate to.

Because of this, Raleigh is known as one of the fastest-growing cities in North Carolina. Below are some other interesting things to know about Raleigh, NC!

North Carolina Legislative Building, Raleigh. US.
Fayetteville Street in Raleigh NC

Raleigh is known as a Transplant City

With affordable living and a strong job market, Raleigh has attracted people from all over the USA. With so many people from New York and the Northeast, you might find it pretty rare to run into someone who is actually from Raleigh.

If you do happen to meet a local, they are very proud to let you know they are a native and very friendly!

Raleigh is a food hub

Raleigh takes their food seriously - especially their bbq - which of course is the best! Raleigh has two very popular dining halls, food trucks, and an emphasis on small businesses.

You will also find bagels and pizza from all those NY’ers making their way down to the area. Raleigh’s Downtown area is a great place to explore the many different food cuisines Raleigh offers.

Because of Raleigh’s close proximity to three major college campuses, you will also find a lot of bars and breweries, speakeasies, and lounges.

Snow equals city shutdown

It snows maybe once a year in Raleigh. If snow is in the forecast, the city is basically on a halt.

So if you happen to be visiting Raleigh in the winter, don’t be surprised to see people going crazy getting gas for their cars and cleaning out the grocery shelves if snow is coming.

The old gristmill at the Historic Yates Mill Country Park.casts a serene reflection onto the cool pond below.

Raleigh is an outdoorsy city

You will often find people getting outside and enjoying nature in Raleigh. With dozens of greenways and parks, there are plenty of options to get outside.

Some of the best places in Raleigh to take a stroll include Umstead State Park, Shelley Lake, and the Historic Yates Mill Country Park.

The Triangle

While in Raleigh, you will likely hear people referring to the Triangle at some point or time. The Triangle is an imaginary line connecting the 3 collages, NC State (Raleigh), Duke (Durham), and UNC (Chapel Hill).

You might also hear people say Raleigh/Durham and again, this has to do with the close proximity of the areas.

You may also hear Research Triangle (RTP), which is one of the reasons so many people have moved to the Raleigh area. The Research Triangle is where a handful of major corporations such as IBM and CISCO. RTP has a high concentration on Pharma, Healthcare, and Biotech.

Other neighborhoods/areas that might get included in The Triangle are Cary, Morrisville, and Apex because of their proximity to RTP.

Lake Johnson in Raleigh, NC during fall season
Wilmington Street in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA State Capitol Building.

Raleigh is a dog-friendly city

If you have a furry friend, you will feel very welcome in Raleigh. Most (if not all) parks allow dogs and even have little baggie stations making it easy for you to clean up after them.

Additionally, many restaurants have outdoor seating that allows your dog to join!

College basketball is a big deal

Being surrounded by three major colleges, college sports are kind of a big deal, especially basketball!

Duke University and Chapel Hill have one of the most intense rivalries. Both schools are known for a handful of famous basketball players.

From Duke University some famous players you might recognize are Kyrie Irving and Grant Hill. From UNC-Chapel Hill, some of their famous Basketball players include Michael Jordan and Vince Carter.

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Last Updated 16 December 2022

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