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A local's guide to Perth

Suvarna Arora

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Perth is the capital and largest city of Western Australia that is also known as Australia’s sunniest capital city as it enjoys more sunshine than any other city in Australia. It’s also extremely remote – in fact, it’s regularly called one of the most remote cities in the world. Here's what you need to know to get the most out of your trip to the city.

The best time to visit Perth

Spring is a beautiful time to visit Perth and the weather is sunny, but not too hot, and you have the bonus of colourful wildflowers at that time of year. If you don’t mind the heat, consider the summer months as they are hot and dry, with little to no rainfall. Winter can be extremely cold with some wind and rain.

A summery street in Perth

Getting around Perth

The public transport in the city is good and reliable, with regular buses, trains and ferries. There are free buses in the city centre and in Freemantel. There is also a free transit zone for trains in part of the city centre. The easiest way to use public transport in Perth is by using a SmartRider card (you can buy this Transperth InfoCentres and SmartRider outlets in the city), which also allows you to access the free trains.

As weather in Perth is often good, walking and cycling are also good ways to get around the city.

People resting on a cottage at Cottesloe Beach, Perth

Beaches in Perth

The city of Perth has a string of amazing beaches to swim, sunbathe or simply enjoy the sunset. Some of the best beaches in Perth are:

  • Cottesloe Beach: Famous for its iconic ocean beach hotel at the seashore,

  • City beach: It is the finest beach in Perth that is famous for a sunset picnic and it is the nearest to Perth City.

  • Coogee Beach: It is famous for snorkeling to see the shore-based shipwreck.

  • Scarborough beach: Famous for ocean oasis surrounded by high-rise cityscape.

Rottnest Island

A trip to Western Australia is incomplete without a day trip to Rottnest Island, a local favourite near the city (ferries leave daily) With stunning beaches, Rottnest Island (or Rotto as we locals call it) is a paradise and is famous for Quokkas, small and adorable marsupials, known as the happiest animal on Earth.

A quokka on Rottnest Island

Parks in Perth

Perth might be famous for its glorious beaches but the city also boasts amazing parks and walks which makes it best explored on foot. It is home to one of the biggest city parks in the world; King’s Park. It also has some bush walks and other parks like Hyde park that deserve a visit.

Visit Swan Valley

Just a short drive away from the city is the beautiful winery region of Swan Valley where you can spend a day tasting different varieties of wines. You can also base yourself there for a couple of days and explore the area – you’ll find a couple of national parks with good hiking trails, a sculpture park and, of course, plenty of wineries to visit.

Lesmurdie Falls

Discover Perth’s waterfalls

Perth is close to a surprising number of waterfalls and you should definitely see a few while you’re there. They are especially spectacular during winter when the water is flowing at its full intensity after the winter rains. Some of the best waterfalls near the city are Bella Rapid, Lesmurdie Falls, and Quinnup in Margaret River. The Perth Hill region is an especially good option for families – take a picnic for a fun break from the city.

Where to next

Perth is the starting point for many of the stunning road trips that one can take, so consider hiring a car and exploring more of the country. One of the most famous and unmissable road trips is Perth to Esperance as Esperance is home to some of the most magnificent white-sand beaches in Australia. You will be blown by the beauty of beaches in Esperance.

Final thoughts

Overall, the city is a good place for families and couples who enjoy a laid-back and slow approach to life but it doesn’t offer much if you are looking for sweeping natural beauty – you’ll have to head to a nearby beach or waterfall for that. Saying that, there’s a reasonably amount to do in Perth, with good food options and various bars for a pub-hopping night.

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Last Updated 11 November 2022

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