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Mosaics and myths

The Zeugma Mosaic Museum in Gaziantep, Turkey, is the largest mosaic museum in the world, and a wonder even for those who (unlike me) are not obsessed with ancient history and literature. It is filled with art from the ancient town of Zeugma, believed to have been founded by one of Alexander the Great’s generals, with many rooms reconstructed in the museum.  The mosaics show mythological scenes, patterns and flowers

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A taste of the desert in Doha

The road in front of us abruptly disappeared into sand dunes. Looking out of the window, we could see it continue a few metres in the distance, parallel to the current road.  Unfazed, my colleague swung the wheel, and the jeep bounced over the dunes, back onto the road. There were orange cones in the distance. “They’re always moving the roads,” she said, in explanation. Dust flew around us, it

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The treasures of Dubai

Twenty-four hours in Dubai and I hadn’t even seen the Burj Khalifa. I had memories of it, of course, from the last time. The silver needle stretching up impossibly high, the bright sunlight reflecting from its mirrored surface so I couldn’t stare at it for long. We had walked through Dubai Mall to reach the building, an endless stream of women draped in beautiful black abayas passing through bright, white

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Istanbul, Nemrut and the holy city

Although we were quickly out of running out of time, we really wanted to see some more of eastern Turkey before we headed to Istanbul and, considering the distances between the places we wanted to visit, we decided a tour was best.

Travels through Turkey

As we were getting nearer to the end of our trip, our trip through Turkey was a whirlwind compared to the other countries we had visited. Turkey is a big country and it is very diverse and I was tired of organising all the travel logistics, so once we had decided where we wanted to go, we relinquished ourselves to the whims of a travel agent. Arriving in Fethiye from Rhodes, we

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