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North Vietnam itinerary

Soon after returning home from South Africa last month, we started talking about the destination of our next trip. Exhausted by the long flight, and an unexpected 24-hour delay in Dubai, we decided somewhere closer could be a good idea. After some reflection and initial investigation, Vietnam has stuck in my mind. Here is my itinerary for two weeks in North Vietnam. Hopefully we’ll experience it for ourselves soon.   Hanoi

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A brief glimpse of China

China was a bit of an eye-opener for me, especially as far as climate change is concerned. Seeing the smog in Shanghai and Beijing was shocking, to say the least. It hurt to breathe. And the lack of infrastructure, and the scale of China… our hotel in Beijing still had dial up internet, which seemed bizarre given how modern it was. China has 95 cities of over five million people

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Heat islands and urbanisation

It has been accepted that climate change is going to be having huge effects on the world in the near future. Even seemingly tiny changes in climate can lead to tragedy for many people. Tragedies such as tsunamis and rising oceans often come to mind when thinking of climate change, however for urban areas, heat islands are a real danger. Today more than 50% of the global population lives in

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