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Cape Town: visiting the Mother City

Driving along the coast, cliffs fell in sheer drops just outside my window, the open ocean spreading out below in sparkling blue. On the other side of the road towered black mountains, their sides gritty and sparse from the recent forest fires. As we climbed higher, the effect was stark: the dark mountains, blue seas and sky, white crescent beaches far in the distance… Many have said that Cape Town is

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A first-timer’s guide to South Africa

  South Africa offers a huge variety of experiences and it can be hard to know what to choose for your first visit. As a South African who has been living offshore for the last 15 years, here are my tips for your first trip, assuming you have around 2-3 weeks to spend in the country. First, a quick disclaimer: to really enjoy your time in this beautiful country, you

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Ras el hanout – Moroccan spice mix

Moroccan cooking is known for its sweet, heady fragrance, hints of cinnamon and licorice, rounded off with a touch of warm chilli. Ras el Hanout is the spice mix that gives Moroccan food that distinctive flavour. Every family has its own, closely guarded recipe, each with different spices and combinations. Below is my recipe for Ras el Hanout. No doubt it will change over time, but this is my favourite

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Animals and peace in the South African bush

“Honey, look! Warthogs!” My husband hurried outside, excited at catching his first glimpse of animals in the wild. I followed him, smiling at the baby warthog’s efforts to dig up roots from the ground. Hearing something behind me, I turned and found a family of zebras standing by the deck, one rubbing an ear against a tree.

Johannesburg: food, glamour and history in South Africa’s largest city

Johannesburg is the city of my heart. I can’t simply write about it like I would write about travelling to any other city: It is the city of my childhood and of my memories. It is the city where I have never really belonged and will never be able to entirely leave. I love Johannesburg. This isn’t a sentiment that is shared by many others. Although Johannesburg is the first

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Book review: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Warning: there is the occasional spoiler Things Fall Apart is a simple story. It tells of a family in an Igbo village in Niger. It tells of a boy, who dies and the man, his surrogate father, who kills him. Most of all, it tells the story of a community which is lost in the changes of a new way of life. It begins with a warning, preparing the readers

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A special gift

Dance, music, space and lighting join together in telling the story of Beautiful Me, a collaborative work performed by South African dancer Gregory Maqoma